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We sell beef, veal, pork and the prestigious Wagyu beef or Kobe beef. We offer a wide range of products for each type of meat: with and without bone, sliced, prepared fresh and frozen, always following a controled and guaranteed chain process in order to satisfy consumers taste and meet the need of the market.

beef, veal, pork, Wagyu


It is considered by the experts as the most tender, tasty and healthy meat in the world.

wagyu / kobe

    "Wagyu" is the name of an ancient breed of cattle genetically selected and originally from Japan, more precisely from the city of Kobe where, for centuries, it has been bred following very specific methods which allow provide a unique meat worldwide.

    Its history, genetics, processing techniques and its reduced production in comparison with the demand worlwide; these reasons explain why this meat is a unique and exclusive product.


    The Wagyu meat owes its exquisiteness to its particular muscular structure. In this type of meat the adipose tissue (fat) is distributed within the muscles and not just around them, as it happens in any other breed of cattle.

    This muscular design is called “marbling” and is responsible for the Wagyu beef incredible tenderness and distinctive taste, as well as for its ratio between saturated and unsaturated fats.

    Wagyu beef is considered the healthiest meat because it has a higher percentage of Omega 3 fatty acids and half of the saturated fats of other breeds of cattle.


    The Wagyu beef was introduced in Chile for the first time in 1999 with 50 specimens of pure embryos and 150 doses of sperm, thus obtaining the most important genetic bank of this race outside Japan.

    It is in Chile where the company Agricultural Mollendo, for over a decade, focuses all its activity in the production and distribution of Wagyu beef, following the most strict quality controls to meet the most sophisticated markets in the world.

    The company is located in the south of Chile, in a privileged area for its climate, for its soil type, and above all for its geographic isolation. All this provide the ideal conditions for the animals of such an exclusive breed to grow up in optimal conditions, similar to the origional conditions in Japan.

    Agricultural Mollendo raise these animals following a strict control process, from its genetic selection to its special balanced feeding needed to ensure a certified product of the highest quality.

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