The Supply Stores Company

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We are a service company based in the Principality of Monaco, successfully operating for 20 years in the food industry and specialized in the trade of meat products on an international scale.


    Our company was founded in 1984 as a trading company for all food products. In 1992 it is acquired by Rodolfo Galbiati —current CEO— who focuses attention on the meat sector, representing producers (slaughterhouses) from different European and non European countries.

    We started representing mainly French producers in the Italian market. Over the years our range of action has expanded: in 2005 we opened an office in partnership in Barcelona, which allows us

    to offer a more direct service throughout Spain and Portugal, and even enables us to reach the Latin American market.

    Along these 20 years of activity we have matured and reached a deep knowledge of the sector, being able to individualize and identify the needs of both producers and buyers. We offer our society as an ideal “meeting point” for the development of operations trade.


    Our aim is to establish a close relationship with our customers, providing them with all our resources and our know-how in order to carry out business operations within a controlled and guaranteed production chain.

    Every day we seek excellence in our product in order to meet an increasingly selective market and also to contribute to the promotion of the culture of meat, noble food, an integral part of a healthy and balanced diet.


    We offer our clients a complete service, with full respect of all regulations governing the meat sector, from production to sale. Following you may find the activities that integrate our service:

    Our commercial agents manage the sales process mediating between the producer and the buyer.

    We provide our clients with specialized operators working within our represented slaughterhouses, who select the best product in order to guarantee the best quality.

    We take care to organize and to control shipments so that the goods are delivered in the time and conditions set.

    We offer monitoring traceability through a computerized system, which allows us to trace back in the production chain and control each one of the meat cuts.

    We offer a full and customized after-sales service, providing direct assistance through specialized agents who will follow personally all the process.

meat for passion!